Wavestream 25W Ku-Band Matchbox BUC P/N MBB-KUE025-DR00


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Wavestream MBB-KUE025-DR00 25W Ku-Band Matchbox BUC Block Upconverter, S/N MBB-001900
Brand New, Original Packaging!!!
Transmit Frequency: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz. – IF Frequency: 950 – 1700 MHz, 48VDC
Small, Lightweight Package
Low Power Draw, High MTBF
Flexible, Modular Feed-Mount Design
Holds Specs Over Temperature and Frequency
The Wavestream Advantage:
Higher output power with less energy usage.
Compact product footprint to meet critical space and weight limitations.
Proven reliability and efficiency.
Reduced lifecycle maintenance costs.
Wavestream’s Ku-band Matchbox Block Upconverter (BUC) offers unmatched efficiency and performance suitable for mobile SATCOM, flyaway, and VSAT systems. The Ku-band Matchbox BUC incorporates Wavestream’s next-generation Spatial Power Advantage™ technology to provide higher output power in smaller, lighter weight packages that are more reliable and use less energy. The Ku-band Matchbox BUC is field-proven to withstand the most extreme environments. Every unit is thoroughly tested to guarantee performance over the full frequency band and over the full temperature range.
Wavestream products are biased for Class AB operation, drawing less power when backed off to help save valuable energy resources. They generate less heat, ensuring a higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) for greater reliability and lower lifecycle maintenance costs.
The Ku-band Matchbox BUC’s modular design provides the flexibility needed to integrate different power levels into a system design. Wavestream’s Ku-band Matchbox BUC has the same form, fit, and function footprint as the 12W Ka-band Matchbox BUC, providing a convenient way to integrate a different band without changing the terminal or altering the hardware.
Click Here for Wavestream 25W Ku-Band Spec Sheet