Cheetah™ II Flyaway VSAT 85cm, Ka-Band, 5W, CX-751, V2, MFR L-3 GCS


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• Proven auto-acquisition Roto-LokTM design with zero backlash
• Embedded iDirect CX-751 or e850MP Modem
• Field connectivity over CAT-5 cable
• Renowned GCS ViewSAT-e monitor & control software simplifies deployment and operation
Cheetah™ II Flyaway VSAT, 85cm, Ka-Band, 5W, CX-751, V2, MFR L-3 GCS
The industry-renowned Cheetah flyaway VSAT system is now available in commercial Ka-band for applications over the Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) satellite constellation. It is a fully auto-acquire system that provides high-speed data communications for the Internet, VPN connectivity, video transmission, and emergency response.
This lightweight solution can be deployed in a matter of minutes utilizing the auto-acquire antenna system, and ViewSat™-e web-based GUI.
The GX Ka Cheetah comes standard in two airlines checkable, wheeled hard cases. Each case weighs less than 70 lb. and includes a fully auto-acquire 85cm parabolic antenna system, Outdoor Unit with embedded iDirect CX-751 or e850MP modem, 5W commercial
Ka-Band BUC/SSPA, controller/processor, and Ethernet switch. The GCS ViewSAT™-e software provides monitor and control of the terminal through the use of an intuitive web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI).
• Designed to operate on Inmarsat Global Xpress