Terrasat 40W C-Band BUC IBR058064-3NA040WW 100-240VAC


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Unused, Terrasat 40W C-Band BUC 5.850-6.425 GHz IBR058064-3NA040WW-000 100-240 VAC
Included the Mounting Kit and Handheld controller.
Part Number Configuration
P/N IBR058064-3NA040WW-000
058064 Means, Frequency Band: Standard C-Band
3 Means Spectral Inversion: Non-Inverting/Internal 10 MHz
N Means IF Input Connector: N-Type Connector
A Means Operating Voltage: AC Input
040 Means Power Level/Type/Family: 40 Watt GaAs C-Band
W Means Tx Output Option: Wave-guide
W Means Color: White