Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Vertex 6.3M KPK Cassegrain KU-Band Antenna


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Vertex 6.3M KPK Cassegrain KU-Band Antenna is available for sale. The antenna is still standing and may be inspected prior to purchase.
The lead time from take-down to packing will be approximately three weeks. The purchaser will provide their own 40 foot sea container and we will pack it securely in the container in a manner for international or domestic shipping.
Vertex 6.3 KPK Cassegrain KU-Band TX/RX
2 Port
3 Axis Motorization
Vertex 7134 Tracking controller
DTR 300 Beacon Receiver
Foundation hardware kit
Foundation drawings
One very important asset of this Vertex 6.3M KPK Cassegrain KU-Band Antenna is that it is a Type-Approved bolt-together which will allow much cheaper installation.
This antenna was originally sold by Vertex in 2000, and later resold and re-installed in Florida in  2010. The Vertex part number is KXK 6.3M and the job number is 0181