Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Skyware Global C-Band Feed


Last updated on June 10, 2024 2:04 pm

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C-Band Feed manufactured by Skyware Global. A linear polarized feed, model number 611618421
This is a brand new feed in the manufacturer’s box, the manufacture date is December 2017. The feed is complete with the collar attachment hardware, called a C-Band Clamp, part number is 600032802
Skyware Global’s C-band Cross-polarized feed has been specifically designed for our line of offset reflectors. Electrically tested and matched, this diecast feed assembly provides maximum performance for demanding commercial applications.
Includes mounting bracket, LNB hardware and gaskets.
• Field replaceable feed horn window.
• Broadband (800 MHz) performance.
• Polarization scale built-in for feed horn.
• Optional Type N adapter for Tx port available.
In addition to this feed we have a similar feed but it is designated as a Type 1 feed. Follow this link to view the other feed.
We have a few Prodelin Circular Polarizers in stock and decided to experiment, to see if the CP is compatible with Skyware Global, so we assembled it as you can see here and took it to an engineering shop for testing.
After complete testing over the full C-Band range they declared it to be perfect. Now we have either linear or circular polarity – though we have to add $325 to the cost of the linear version.