Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Radeus 8200L Antenna Controller


Last updated on June 2, 2024 3:06 am


The Radeus 8200L Antenna Controller is a direct replacement for the Vertex 7200 ACU. Now that the 7200 has been discontinued by the manufacturer there are no new replacements. This is why Radeus Labs stepped into the gap with their controller.
The full Vertex system comprises the 7200 indoor controller and a Vertex 7150 outdoor control cabinet. This product will replace the broken 7200 with a very sophisticated new controller that we call the 8200L. It will connect directly to the Vertex 7150 outdoor control cabinet.
The 8200L was designed by the SAME team that designed the Vertex Communications 7200 to a person, so the design is solid and rooted in the same Engineering depth and expertise that went into the Vertex product many years ago. Developing the 8200L, however, had some distinct advantages as technology has made many advances over the past 2-3 decades that the team has been able to leverage for the 8200L that were just not yet available or mature enough at the time the 7200 was developed.
The 8200L was designed specifically to replace the Vertex Communications 7200 ACU in the field by matching the existing interface to the 7150 ADU. The 8200L is the logical choice if you are looking to minimize the cost and labor associated with updating end of life 7200 ACUs. In addition to providing an easy upgrade path to a modern and supported ACU architecture, the technology updates and additional features of the 8200L make it simple to understand and operate when it comes to day to day operations. You get all of the upsides you would expect from a modern ACU, without the traditional switching costs associated with major platform changes.
Shipping crate 27 * 27 * 19 weight 80lbs