XANTREX XW MPPT60-150 60 amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller


Last updated on April 20, 2024 1:35 am


Xantrex 60 amp Charger Controller
XW-MPPT60-150 Charge Controller

The XW-MPPT60-150 can used with PV arrays with a voltage equal to anything from battery voltage to 150 VDC and can support an output of up to 60 amps into the battery for battery voltage of 12 to 60 VDC. The PV open circuit voltage must not exceed 150 VDC. Maximum power point tracking allows the charge controller to harvest the maximum energy avail- able from the PV array and deliver it to the batteries. The MPPT algorithm continuously adjusts the operating points in an attempt to find the maximum power point of the array. The algorithm can then determine if it is harvesting more or less power than the previous operating points.

The charge controller has a configurable auxiliary output (producing 5 to 13 volts at 200 mA) to drive a relay for load control or to turn on devices such as vent fans or indicator alarms. The auxiliary output can be configured to perform only one function at a time. Its large aluminum heatsink allows it to operate at full power with only convection cooling, without the need for a fan. Built-in PV ground fault protection allows code-compliant installation without the need for additional ground fault protection. The XW-MPPT60-150 can be mounted on the side or top of the XW power distribution panel, or used by itself in other PV systems. The front panel features a 2-line 16-character display and four buttons for configuration and system monitoring. A battery temperature sensor is included with the controller. The XW-MPPT60-150 is able to communicate its settings and activity to other Xanbus-enabled
devices, such as the XW Series inverter/charger, the system control panel II (SCP), XW automatic generator start (XW-AGS), and other Xantrex XW-MPPT-60-150 solar charge controllers through the Xanbus network. Array size can be up to 750 watts when charging a 12-volt battery, 1,500 watts when charging at 24 volts and 3,000 watts when charging at 48 volts. See the Xantrex array sizing tool at www.xantrex.com/support. Dimensions are 14 ½”H x 5
¾”W x 5 ½”D and weight is 12 lbs. 5-year warranty.