Sundanzer DCRF450 15CF 12/24 VDC Powered Refrigerator with Top Freezer


Last updated on September 24, 2023 10:50 am


Sundanzer DCRF450 15CF 12/24/48 VDC Powered Refrigerator with Top Freezer

Save on costs with SunDanzer DC refrigerators and freezers. These high-efficiency refrigerators and freezers have exceptionally low energy consumption requiring smaller, less expensive power systems and low operating expense. High-quality construction provides excellent reliability and long life.

A patented low-frost system reduces frost and moisture build-up for low maintenance. With thick insulation and a refrigeration system optimized for solar, SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers provide outstanding economical and reliable operation.

Low energy consumption is the key that allows SunDanzer refrigerators and freezers to be cost-effectively powered by solar, wind, fuel cells or batteries. This technology allows refrigeration in remote locations where it was previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Refrigerator volume 10 ft3 [283 L]
Freezer volume 5 ft3 [142 L]
Refrigerator 32° F to 44º F
Freezer 7° F to 14° F
Ambient range 60° F to 90° F
Voltage range 10 to 31 VDC
Energy use at 90° F 0.89 kWh/d
Energy use at 70° F 0.55 kWh/d
Refrigerant R-134a
Input Power 70-110 Watts
Defrost Manual
External dimensions 74¾ x 30¾ x 28½ in.