Sun-Mar Excel NE 12v Fan Stack


Last updated on May 28, 2024 6:46 pm


Sun-Mar Excel NE 12volt Fan Stack

What is the 12 Volt Fan?

The 12 Volt Fan is meant to accelerate airflow in all non-electric units. It comes pre-installed in an 11″ piece of 4″ diameter vent pipe so that it will fit inline in your vent stack. It also protects against downdraft and increases the evaporative performance of your non-electric unit by about 10 to 15% (still not enough to evaporate all liquids on an NE).

Its purchase is optional with an Excel NE, a Centrex 2000 NE, or a Centrex 1000 NE.

In Which Situations would I need a 12 Volt Fan?

  • If you have to put any bends in the vent stack (Sun-Mar recommends no more than two 45 elbows, even with a 12 Volt Fan installed).
  • If your cottage is subject to downdraft.

In Which Situations Would Sun-Mar recommend a 12 Volt Fan?

  • If the unit is being used residentially
  • If you expect heavy seasonal use

In Which Situations Would Sun-Mar Not Recommend a 12 Volt Fan?

If you cannot run the fan continuously, it will act as a blockage in the vent stack. If you need to get around this, you can install it in a “bypass vent” off of the main stack.

If you live in a coastal area that is rich in salt air – you may want to consider purchasing a more expensive, but more durable fan from Nicro; these fans are used in marine applications and may be purchased from marine supply stores. Our fans will stand up to most weather conditions, but do not do well in salt air