Sun-Mar Dry Toilet for use with CENTREX Systems


Last updated on April 21, 2024 6:04 pm


Sun-Mar Dry Toilet for use with CENTREX Systems

This elegant Sun-Mar Dry Toilet is designed for use with the waterfree Centrex 2000 AF (Air Flow) family and Centrex 3000 AF family of central composting systems. Available in either White or Bone, the Dry Toilet has a seat height of 15″ and a “regular sized” toilet seat.

The vent system on all AF units continuously draws air down the toilet to prevent odors in the bathroom. However, if the toilet is too high above the composter for air to be drawn down, the Dry Toilet should be vented directly. To do this, a 3″ or 4″ vent pipe can be installed at the rear left or rear right of the toilet, and, if necessary, a 12 Volt fan can be fitted in a section of 4″ vent pipe to enhance air flow.

All Dry Toilets include a bowl liner that fits beneath the seat and which can be removed for cleaning as required. Manufactured from durable and sturdy fiberglass.

Weights (Lbs.) & Dimensions


Unit Weight 15 lbs (6.08kg)
Height to the top of seat 14 1/2″
Total Height – With lid up 16″ – 31 1/4″
Unit Depth 23 1/4″
Unit Width 16″
Distance from back – centre of waste inlet 11 5/8″ (260mm)
Minimum clearance between toilet and composter 4″