Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 High Capacity Composting Toilet Electric


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Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 High Capacity Composting Toilet Electric
CENTREX Central systems are an ideal solution for those who want a traditional looking toilet in the bathroom, and who have the ability to place the central composting unit below the toilet. It is important to note that with all central systems, what you are purchasing is the central composting unit that is installed on the lower level; the toilet fixtures to be installed in the bathroom are sold separately.

The CENTREX 2000 family features a Bio-Drum™ that is 50% larger than the CENTREX 1000 series units, meaning that the CENTREX 2000 system is designed for medium to heavy seasonal use or light residential use. This CENTREX 2000 NE unit is a non-electric, low flush central system is designed for homes with plumbing connections for water, but no constant supply of electricity. The CENTREX 2000 NE features a 4″ vent stack that exits vertically from the unit and runs up and out the roof line of the home. This vent acts like a chimney on a wood stove, constantly drawing air upward and out, and thus maintaining a partial vacuum inside the unit to ensure odorless operation at all times.

If the CENTREX 2000 NE is going to be used residentially or if it’s in a location that may be subject to downdraft, you should also purchase the optional 12 Volt 2.4 watt fan should be installed in the vent stack. This fan is sold separately, and can be powered by a solar panel and/or 12 Volt battery.

All units in the CENTREX 2000 family have been tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and are certified to comply with NSF-ANSI Standard #41, the only North American performance standard for composting toilets. This testing and certification guarantees that this system will operate odorlessly and produce a clean, dry compost that is safe and sanitary. Visit the NSF website to see the CENTREX 2000 family’s NSF Certification Listing.

How to operate the CENTREX 2000 NE:

  • For initial start up, add some Compost Sure Blue (hemp stalk bulking material) into the Bio-Drum™ together with some Microbe Mix.
  • Use any toilet paper you want; the composting toilet will compost it without a problem.
  • For ongoing operation, add a cupful of Compost Sure Blue per person, per day of use. Every 2-3 days (while unit is in use), rotate the drum 5 or 6 full revolutions. For weekend use, just rotate before you leave at the end of the weekend.
  • When the Bio-Drum™ is half to 2/3 full, some of the compost should be moved to the finishing drawer. To do this, simply release the drum lock and rotate the drum backwards. Finished compost drops automatically into the finishing drawer. This process takes less than a minute, and most importantly, you never come into contact with fresh material.
  • When compost is moved to the finishing drawer, it should be left there for at least 4 weeks so it can finish and sanitize. In the finishing drawer, it will be isolated from contamination by fresh material in the toilet. Once 4 weeks have passed, you can remove the finished compost from the finishing drawer at any time. The drawer is easily pulled out by hand; no tools are needed to open it.
  • What do you do with the finished compost? Add it to your flower garden! The finished product is clean, dry, non-offensive, and sanitary. It will look and smell just like any other regular compost that might come out of a garden composter.

    • This is a central system electric unit that uses water
    • It requires one pint low flush toilets, which are SOLD SEPARATELY
    • The patented Bio-Drum™ provides composting capacity for 7 adults (weekend use) or 4 adults (residential and continuous use)
    • NSF tested and certified for a continuous 6 months at maximum rated capacity
    • Electrical features include a thermostatically controlled heater in the base of the unit to warm and evaporate excess liquid and a fan assembly in the top of the unit that maintains a partial vacuum to ensure odorless operation at all times
    • All Sun-Mar units feature 3-chamber technology:
      • The patented Bio-Drum™, where compost is mixed and aerated
      • The Evaporating Chamber, where excess liquid is evaporated
      • The Finishing Drawer, where finished compost is kept separate from unfinished material