SPFlex 4SPF2.8-140 AC/DC Solar Submersible Water Pump Compare to Grundfos 11 sqf


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SPFlex 4SPF2.8-140 AC/DC Solar Water Pump Compare to Grundfos 11 sqf-2

4SPF2.8-140 (1.5HP)
Solar Submersible Pump
System Overview
Head max. 140m ( 459′)
Flow max. 46L/min (12.2gpm)
Recommend Max input Power max. 1.5 kW
Minimum well diameter min 4” inch
Pump discharge Rp 1”
Efficiency Max 60%
Product advantage
.Stainless steel: AISI 304 (316 optional)
.BLDC High Efficiency Motor
.MPPT Efficiency Max.98%
.Double shielded water filled motor(No pollution leakage)
.Soft start running make syetem lifer long
.Hybrid Powered by AC/DC;50Hz&60Hz both working
.Wide voltage:1X90-240VAC;60-380Vmp/440VOC
.Dry protection(No additional float sensor required)
.Reverse protection(Can connect both wire to + and -)
.Over-head protection(need monitor and flow meter)
.2 years warranty
Technical Data
Controller 4SPF2.8-140 (1.5HP)
.Controller Built-in
.Losting-Phase protection
.Over temperature protection
.Over-load/Over-current/Over-voltage protection
Motor 4SPF-1.5HP AC&DC
Voltage AC 1×90-240V
DC max.VOC 440V
DC Vmp 60-380V
Current max.AC 10A
max.DC 12A
Motor Efficiency max.88%
WaterTemp max.25℃
Insulation class F
Enclosure class X8
Submersion max.150m
Required cooling flow 0.8L/s
Connect Standard 40
Speed 500-3600
Pump End
.Stainless steel: