SK3000GPRS Pump Control Monitor for use with SQFlex and SPFlex pumps


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SK3000GPRS Pump Control Monitor for use with SQFlex and SPFlex pumps

We have been searching for a pump controller like this for years and are so excited to bring you the SK3000. This controller provides similar functions to both the Grundfos CU200 and the IO101 controllers in one unit. It also has added functionality providing auto generator start function and auto switching between dc and an ac power source. So when the sun goes down it will automatically pull power the pump from an ac source and then when the sun comes up the next day it will power the pump from the dc solar source.

We have two models of the SK3000 monitor available. One with remote montoring and control SK3000GPRS and the non GPRS SK3000.

Technical Specification
• The SP Monitor is a micro controller, designed, developed and manufactured for SOLAR SPFlex and Grundfos SQFlex water pumps.
• It is suitable for simultaneous AC and DC incoming power supplies.
• Manually or automatically switchable between two power supplies depending on solar irradiation.
• IP65 weatherproof enclosure.
• Suitable for up to 2.2 kW (3 HP) pumps.
• AC voltage input range 1X90 – 240 VAC. Terminals L N & GND
• DC voltage input range 60 – 380 Vmp/440VOC. Terminals + – & GND
• Input connections for 1 or 2 float switches. TWL & WWL
• Input connection for pressure switch. TWL
• Input connection for matching flow meter. FLOW SIGNAL -> REF. Setting
flow meter function
• Indication for power on, input power, pump on, pump off, water tank full or tank empty.
• Auto operation via 1 or 2 float switches.
• Auto operation via pressure switch.
• Auto off via flow meter.
• Auto starting of generator via volt free contacts. GEN SIGNAL
• Manual operation.
• Auto switching from AC to DC supply with DC bias. DC switching point is 40V.


Monitor Description
The SK3000 Monitor is not a necessary part of a solar pumping system, but it does provide more functions and
protections for your pump system while making the system more convenient and intelligent.

For example: intelligent switching of AC/DC power supply; Float terminal; Power display; GPRS
remote monitoring and control ( SK3000GPRS only) etc.
The monitor is suitable for outdoor installation and is weather-proof, however, its
location/positioning against direct sunlight should be avoided.
Functions and Features
The Monitor is capable of the following functions:
1. Display input power AC / DC;
2. Display of tank full / tank empty;
3. Intelligent mode(Three modes can be chosen);
AC MODE, the incoming power source can be from Mains power supply or a generator;
DC MODE, the power supply can be from either Solar Panels or Battery;
AUTOMODE, Intelligent switching between AC and DC power supply, DC first;
4. Manual Control Pump ON / OFF;
5. Deadhead/no Flow conditions protection(with Flow Switch);
6. Lightning and surge protection;
7. Over-voltage protection;
8. Automatic start and stop of generator;
9. GPRS/RMS (App and web end monitoring data and control start or stop).( Only available on the SK3000GPRS)