Sierra Wave Enerplex Power/Solar with Led Lights Bundle Kit


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Sierra Wave Enerplex Power/Solar with Led Lights Bundle Kit


No Power- No Problem! Gas free and quiet portable power generator that is safe for use indoors with no fumes or noise. Use in place of gas generators during power outages and off-grid for indoor and outdoor use.

Value kit includes the portable and lightweight 120W Solar Panel Kit with built in charge controller and 30Ft, solar charge and battery cables. Also includes 3 each 3W Led area light set! Hang above a work surface or living/work area for portable light where needed.  Up to 10 lights may be chained together to increase light span.


Enerplex Generator

Lightweight and portable 83 amp-hr. lithium battery-solar generator ideal for jobsite, emergencies, off-grid, RV, boating, camping or any time you need reliable portable power for long periods of time.

  • 1200 Watt- Hour (83 amp-hr.) Lithium NMC Storage Battery. Long storage times and reliable power when you need it
  • Lightweight 42 lbs. with easy carry handles and small size 16 in x 12 in x 11.4 in
  • Built-In AC 120V- 1000 Watt/ 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • 3 methods for recharge with included AC Wall and 12V Vehicle Chargers, or charge from accessory 120W portable solar panels and bundle kits products available
  • Powers and operates AC, 12 Volt DC, USB and laptop devices
  • Perfect for emergency, power outages and off-grid to power essential devices like lights,  coolers/ refrigerators, cooking appliances and communication equipment
  • Common Uses: Outdoor recreation, camping, hunting, RV, boating, on the job.  Off grid sites & power outages, using Power tools and work lights, Events , weddings &concerts (silent vs gas generators) Truckers and equipment operators dealing with anti-idle laws.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty with USA based service and warranty center

Sierra Wave 120-Watt Solar Collector

  • High quality monocrystalline solar cells generates solar energy for battery storage
  • Compact and foldable portable design with included nylon carry storage bag
  • Multi-Use feature allows direct charging of Enerplex power center also charges 12V auxiliary batteries found in vehicles RV, boats and equipment
  • Built-in 10A Solar Charge Controller to protect batteries being charged
  • Includes 12V Battery charge cables and 12V barrel adapter for directly charging electronic devices
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Dimensions: UNFOLDED (52.18 in L x 1.377 in W x 24.85 in H) and FOLDED (26.14 in L x 2.756 in W x 24.85 in H)
  • 30′ Solar Charge Extension Cable- Use to connect the EnerPlex Power Center directly to the solar collector. Anderson power pole x MC4 solar connectors


Sierra Wave 3 watt Led Light Set

  • Includes 3 complete 3W/12V Led Area Lights
  • 88 Super-bright LEDs
  • 400 Lumens (60W light bulb equivalent)
  • Chainable together up to 10 lights with Carabiner clips
  • Includes 12V adapters to connect directly to the Enerplex Generator or use independently from solar or in the vehicle