Sierra Wave Enerplex Generator 1200 Power Center


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Description:  The EnerPlex 1200 Power Center by Sierra Wave is a lightweight and portable 1200Wh power center powered by a large format, 83 amp lithium battery and powerful 1000W AC inverter – no gas required. This power center is ideal for emergencies, camping, job site and whenever power is not available. Its small size, 16″ x 12″, and weight, 43 lbs., makes it easy to store or take anywhere. Recharge 3 ways using the included AC wall charger and 12V DC vehicle charger or using an accessory solar panel. Operates multiple devices using 120V AC, 12V DC, 5V USB, and 19V laptop outputs.
Benefits:  Eliminate the noise of a gas generator and use safely indoors without carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s an economical option with no gas to refill, or source in an emergency. Uses free solar energy! The compact and lightweight design makes the EnerPlex more maneuverable than a 12V lead acid battery. Power is easy to replace and easy to use with multiple options.
Applications:  Use where power is not available such as off-grid locations, remote jobsites, power outages, disaster relief, and recreational activities. Powerful enough to operate standard home refrigerators, lighting, small cooking appliances, and recharge radios, cell phones, and cordless power tool battery packs. May be used with AC power tools up to 1000W (9A) rating.