Primus WindPower 1-ARXM-15-48 Air X Wind Turbine Generator 400W Marine 48v


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Primus WindPower 1-ARXM-15-48 Air X Wind Turbine Generator 400W Marine 48v

 Introducing the latest evolution in small wind turbines. The AIR-X wind generator builds upon what made AIR the world’s #1 selling small wind turbine with new technology previously found only in today’s state-of-the-art mega-watt-class wind turbines. All of these features are primarily found within the body of the turbine. The new microprocessor based speed control results in increased performance, improved battery charging capability and the reduction of “flutter” noise from the machine. The controller allows for peak-power tracking of the wind by optimizing the alternator’s output on all points of the cubic curve and then efficiently delivers the energy to the battery. The turbine’s smart controller allows it to actually control blade rotation speed thus eliminating the buzzing noise commonly found with the AIR 403 and 303 in high winds. Furthermore, a new series of carbon-reinforced blades with a modified pitch angle further increases power production. The new electronics are a considerable improvement over the AIR 403 controller that consists of diode-rectification and a simple off/off voltage switch.

 Much Lower Noise: Previous AIR wind turbines relied on their aero-elastic blade design for protection in high winds, causing loud flutter noise in winds above 35 mph (16 m/s). AIR-X’s circuit monitors the wind speed and electronically slows the blades as it reaches its rated output preventing it from going into flutter. This results in a much quieter wind turbine. In high winds, the AIR-X wind turbine will continue to produce power at a reduced level until the wind decreases, at which point maximum output will resume. The Benefit: Quieter and neighbor friendly operation.

 Improved battery charging: Previous AIR wind turbine designs required 300-400 amp hour battery banks so the trickle charge of the wind turbine could be adequately absorbed. The AIR-X’s charge controller periodically stops charging, reads the battery voltage, compares it to the voltage setting and if the battery is charged, it completely shuts off all current going to the battery. This function is performed within a few milliseconds. The closer the battery is to reaching its full state of charge, the more often the AIR-X’s circuit repeats this action. This means any size battery bank from 25 to 25,000 amp hours or higher can be charged safely. When the battery has reached its charged state, the AIR-X will slow to an almost complete stop. Only when the battery has dropped below its voltage set point will it startup and resume charging. The Benefit: Extended battery life, no overcharging.

Lower stress design: AIR-X limits power on the input side of the electronics by controlling the torque from the blades. The power no longer has to be dissipated by the electronics resulting in lower stress on the circuit, bearings and other materials. Furthermore, stress on wind turbines occurs primarily in high winds. Under these conditions, the electronic stall design reduces the blade speed to 600 rpm, thereby significantly reducing turbine and tower loading while still producing power. The Benefit: Greater confidence in turbine operation in high wind conditions without manually operating the stop switch. Note: A manual stop switch control is an available option for the AIR-X.

Design changes are primarily found within the body of the wind turbine:

  • New microprocessor-based controller.

  • New “wave washer” combined with looser bearing-to-body tolerances are incorporated into the face bearing set. This results in lower compression on the bearing/race, with quieter running and lower startup speed. It also lowers stress on the bearings and shaft when subject to twisting forces during normal operation.

  • New series of carbon reinforced blades.

  • More robust tower clamp and yaw assembly for stronger and more secure tower mounting.

Features of the Air X Wind Turbine

  • Unprecedented 3 YEAR WARRANTY

  • Simple rooftop installation; no tower necessary

  • Carbon Fiber Composite Blades

  • Aircraft quality aluminum alloy castings

  • Exclusive Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator

  • Sophisticated internal battery charge regulator

  • Maintenance-free – Only two moving parts

  • Exclusive Auto-brake-feature that slows the AIR to a silent spin when the batteries are charged thus extending bearing life and reducing noise.

  • High Wind Safe Mode – Automatically slows turbine in potentially damaging winds and reduces noise.

  • Neighbor Friendly.

Air X Applications Specifications
Remote homes & cabins
Rotor Diameter :

46″ (1.14 meters)

Water pumping
Weight :

13 lbs (6 kg)

Recreational vehicles
Start up wind speed :

7 mph (3 m/s)

Battery charging
Voltage :

12 & 24 & 48 VDC

Science & education projects
Output :

400 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)




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