PICOCell 3500 Pump Drive Controller


Last updated on September 13, 2023 7:27 pm


PICOCell 2500 Blender Pump Drive Controller w/ GFCI

The PicoCell 2500 Blender is ideally suited for applications that require 24/7 or some night time operation, particularly in areas with high power costs. The combination of the PicoCell controller and the optional Power Blender represents a very cost effective way to supplement solar power with controllable night time operation without the expense of adding a bank of batteries.

If there is full solar irradiance, the PicoCell and Power Blender will draw all power from the PV array. As cloud cover or impending darkness reduce the level of solar irradiance, the system makes up the difference by drawing from the grid. As full darkness descends the system draws all of its power from the grid. In high energy cost areas, this allows for both power firming during the day and full nighttime operation while consuming as little power from the grid as possible.

The Blender will operate a max single phase AC motor current of 10A and a max three phase AC motor current of 8A. This typically equates on submersible AC motors to 1HP single phase and 2HP three phase for load maximums.