Natural Light 10″ Pipe Elbow


Last updated on July 17, 2024 12:19 pm


Natural Light
Light Pipes & Elbows
Two Foot Light Pipe Extensions

Manufactured by the leading firm in the industry, our light pipes’ optical specifications are the best performing in the industry. Most of the competition uses cheaper grade light pipe, thinner gauge or less reflective. Our light pipe is assembled on site with three securing methods ensuring a tight, dust free seal.


Fully adjustable 45° elbows constructed out of the same mirror finish material as our Light Pipes. Since the pitched flashing is fixed at about a 4 and 12 pitch, elbows must be used if the roof pitch is 6 and 12 or steeper, or in applications where straight pipe runs are not possible. Two 45° elbows are often used to offset the dome light pipe horizontally from the diffuser light pipe, allowing both ends to remain perfectly verticle.

Note: Each time light is bent there is a loss of light, therefore, minimal use of elbows is recommended