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Vierling Ecotel VTMpro is a used multichannel telephone gateway bridging fixed and mobile networks. We have two gateways, each populated to send and receive 24 cellular telephone calls.
The ECOTEL® VTM family of gateways is designed for reliable, cost-effective routing between GSM, CDMA*, 3G and VoIP or ISDN and the analog fixed network. VTM gateways are optimized for use by large corporations and service providers with a high volume of mobile radio traffic. VTM gateways offer up to 32 GSM, 3G or CDMA* channels, 30 VoIP channels and maximum 8
PRI interfaces (E1/T1).
For bigger applications, you can cascade multiple VTM gateways. ECOTEL® VTM pro has been designed as a multichannel gateway. The gateway is very useful for cost-effective routing of huge amounts of calls into mobile radio networks.
The ECOTEL® SIM Card Server (SCS) allows centralized hosting of SIM cards for multiple ECOTEL® VTM pro, ECOTEL® VoIP or ECOTEL® ISDN2-2x gateways.
The ECOTEL® SIM Management Center (SMC) assigns local SIM cards and/or SIM cards stored in the SCS to the GSM channels.