Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Sumitomo SM-Cyclo 3 Phase Induction Motor 1/2 HP


Last updated on May 4, 2024 4:54 am


Sumitomo SM-Cyclo 3 Phase Induction Motor 1/2 HP was taken from a site that carried this motor as a spare part. Cyclo’s unique epicycloidal design has advantages superior to speed reducers using common involute tooth gears. Cyclo components operate in compression, not in shear. Unlike gear teeth with limited contact points, a Cyclo has two-thirds of its reduction components in contact at all times. This design enables Cyclo speed reducers and gearmotors to withstand shock loads exceeding 500% of their ratings, and provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in the most severe applications.
HP: 1/2, RPM: 1740
VOLTS: 230/460
AMPS: 2.1/1.1
60 HZ, 60 HZ