Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Sector Microwave 754AP6A Baseball Switch


Last updated on June 2, 2024 4:44 pm


Sector Microwave 754AP6A KU-Band Baseball switch with WR75 flanges and four SMA Coax connectors. This switch has a ten pin male connector and requires +28VDC control power.
It is a struggle to find much more to say about Sector Microwave 754AP6A baseball switches. They are an integral part of the equipment located in any earth station, or in VSAT sites with redundancy systems that require a way to immediately transfer a KU-Band RF stream from one output antenna feed to to a second feed.
In more common applications there are two amplifiers capable of transmitting to the antenna feed, and the baseball switch allows  an immediate transfer from Amplifier A to Amplifier B when a fault occurs on the primary amplifier.
Before purchasing any of our baseball switches be sure to check the redundancy controller to ensure the cable type and control voltage match the requirements of the baseball switch.
If the answer to this question is negative, check in with us because we have a wide range of baseball switches with different characteristics.