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Research Concepts RC3000A Antenna Controller allows even non-technical personnel to automatically locate a satellite and position a motorized antenna within minutes from power up.
The controller works as a satellite locator, but then once locked onto the satellite, the RC3000Ahas inclined orbit tracking capability.
Model RC3000A
S/W RC3K-A7-GNO  V 1.57
The RC3000 is designed for use on mobile satellite up-link vehicles or on fixed satellite antennas. The RC3000 combines the satellite location and antenna control capabilities of the RC8097 Satellite Locator with the inclined orbit satellite tracking and serial communications capabilities of the RC2000C. The RC3000 supports optional interfaces to an electronic compass and a GPS receiver.
The RC3000 assists both the technically-oriented and the non-technical operator of a mobile satellite antenna system by automating the process of locating and locking on to a particular satellite.
When the controller is used on a mobile satellite antenna the process can be time-consuming due to several factors. For each shoot, the antenna may be located in a different location, with its own local magnetic variation, and oriented in a different direction. Since the beam width of the antenna is extremely narrow, the elevation and azimuth pointing angles require a significant degree of accuracy to even be in the neighborhood of the satellite.
The design and function of the RC3000 is derived from two other proven antenna controllers from Research Concepts Inc.: the RC8097 satellite locator and the RC2000C tracking antenna controller.
This pedigree allows the RC3000 to automate all operational steps within one piece of equipment. First, a micro-controller based calculator function provides an accurate pointing solution through a collection of sensor data. The RC3000 then uses the data from the sensors to accurately steer the antenna to the calculated azimuth and elevation angles. The RC3000 also optionally automates the function of tracking inclined orbit satellites.