Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent PhilTech Ku-Band Multi LO LNB


Last updated on June 8, 2024 2:13 am


PhilTech Ku-Band Multi LO LNB is an unused LNB in its original package. The more traditional KU-Band LNBs come in three frequency ranges, low KU, Mid range and high KU. When commencing KU-Band service the satellite operator will assign a frequency within on of the three ranges.
When the VSAT user is told which frequency range he must use, he would order an LNB in that range.
With marine applications it is impossible to change an LNB each time the ship sails into a different coverage area, in this case a multi-band LNB like this PhilTech Ku-Band Multi LO LNB is a good solution.
Excerpt from the Data Sheet
“The Ku-Band mini-Multi-LO LNB is designed for use primarily in VSAT applications.
This LNB shows so ultra wide bandwidth that covers almost all world-wide Ku-band
VAST frequency range(10.7 ~ 12.75 GHz) and its IF frequency band supports almost
all kinds of L-Band MODEMs(950 ~1700 MHz). “