Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Frontline Sterling LT-7500 SNG Truck


Last updated on June 2, 2024 1:20 pm


Frontline Sterling LT-7500 SNG Truck is a fully equipped SNG vehicle, normally a news company will select the truck required for a specific uplink type, it its KU they select their KU Truck. In the case of this truck it will do both.
With a very healthy 4.5M C-band plus a 1.8M KU-Band antenna, there is no broadcast that this Frontline Sterling LT-7500 SNG Truck cannot handle, in either C-Band or KU-Band
Frontline Sterling LT-7500 SNG Truck complete vehicle specs
Sterling LT-7500 Tandem Axle Diesel Weight 46,000 pounds, Dimensions 13’ 6” high (add 10’ for antenna), 8.5’ wide (add 3’ for door), 37’ long with simultaneous C and Ku transmissions in any configuration.
1.8m AVL – Ku-Band, Multiple feeds on either polarity, Downlink multiple signals on either polarity.
4.5m Andrew – C-Band, Multiple feeds on same polarity only – linear or circular polarization
Downlink multiple signals on either polarity
ETM 400W KU-Band SSPA plus hot stand by
Paradise 450W C-Band SSPA plus ETM 750W SSPA hot stand by
Encoders Ateme or Adtec. MPEG-2/4, DVB-S/2, Q/8PSK
On-board (2) 20 KVA generators (2nd generator provided for redundancy)
Shore 100 amp, single phase, 220 volts – 2 hots and one ground hook up
150′ of shore power cable on board with standard camlock or pigtail
Router 32×32 Leitch Panacea 32×32 HD/SD multi-format Monitoring Multi-viewer
DAs Ross HD/SD re-clocking, re-EQing DAs
Other Videotek TVM-950HD waveform monitor with eye pattern analysis
Mix/monitoring 16 channel analog, AES, embedded
AC-3 Dolby E decoding
Three phone interfaces for any combination of IFB/PL dial-ups
Talent interrupt on either or both IFB channels
Wireless and wired IFB available
CABLE The truck carries at least 500′ of fiber and coax