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Comtech LBC-4000 Dual IF to L-Band Converter is called a dual converter because it will take a 70 MHz signal and up convert it to L-Band in the range of 950 to 1950 MHz.
The other side of the converter acts as a down converter taking the L-Band signal from an LNB and converting it back to 70 MHz.
This unit is only 1RU and is a very compact way of performing these two conversions.
The LBC-4000 (Figure 1-1), L-Band Up/Down Converter System (LBC-4000) is manufactured
by the Comtech EF Data (CEFD) Corporation. The LBC-4000 is designed to interface legacy 70
or 140 MHz equipment to quad-band or tri-band block converters.
Figure 1-1. LBC-4000 L-Band Up/Down Converter System
IMPORTANT The ON/OFF switch for the LBC-4000 is located in the center behind the front
The front panel display is a two line, 24-character, LCD display. Each configuration function, or
operating mode, is shown on the display when the operator enters a command into the keypad on the front panel.
The LBC-4000 is rack mounted in a standard 19-inch equipment rack. External equipment, such
as a modem, is connected to each internal converter by a low-cost coaxial cable. A coaxial cable is also used to connect the output of each module to RF equipment either in the same location or at the antenna location.
The LBC-4000 L-Band IF to 70 MHz IF (140 MHz optional) indoor converter is a 1 RU, 19-inch
chassis with two front panel accessible up converter or down converter modules. LBC-4000
contains two diode “OR-ed” internal power supplies for increased reliability, and microprocessor based.
All operator controls, indicators and displays for local and remote operation are located on the
front panel of the converter. Connectors for the external interface connections are located on the rear of the converter chassis.