Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Anritsu ME538M Systems Analyzer


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Anritsu ME538M Systems Analyzer
We offer this used Anritsu ME538M Systems Analyzer for sale. The complete Analyzer consists of two components, the transmitter and the receiver.
It is complete with a full set of manuals.
The Anritsu ME538M Microwave System Analyzer / Link Analyzer (Transmitter / Receiver) is used to measure the transmission line characteristics in the BB and IF bands in terrestrial microwave radio relay systems and in satellite communication systems. The above types of transmission distortion can be measured and analyzed. The ME538M has a built-in microprocessor for auto ranging, peak-to-peak readings, and the selection of the necessary measurement parameters. The display is entirely digital.
Frequency Range: 70/140 MHz, Level Range: 0 to 16dBm
Impedance: 50 ohm, IF Bands: 70, 140 MHz
LED readout of transmitter settings.
Automatic receiver settings and display.
Automatic display of units
All measurements shown on the CRT and large LED displays
Signal averaging for noisy traces
BB to BB amplitude measurement
Receiver GP-IB and direct plotting functions”
Condition: Used
Type: Microwave System Analyzer
Make: Anritsu
Model: ME538M
Range: 70/140 MHz
Options: 04
Weight: 68 lbs