Low Price new, used, refurbished or rent Actox Bias Tee 10MHz Reference


Last updated on June 1, 2024 9:48 pm


Actox Bias Tee 10MHz Reference
Actox Bias Tee 10MHz Reference is a brand new product, designed to allow modems without a BUC power supply or a 10 MHz reference to work with a BUC that requires both features.
If your modem has 10 MHz but no BUC power supply – we’ve got you covered
If your modem has the BUC power supply but no 10 MHz – rest easy
If your modem has neither BUC DC power not 10 MHz – our Bias Tee with 10 MHz Reference is your solution.
Actox Bias Tee 10MHz Reference Key Features
♦ Bandwidth 950 MHz to 2 GHz
♦ IF passed through
♦ Selectable power source
♦ High stability (10-8) 10 MHz injection
♦ Up to 6 Amps DC input
♦ 15-64 VDC power input
♦ “N” or “F” RF interface options
♦ Three year warranty
The Bias Tee with 10MHz Reference provides a connection point for either 24VDC or 48VDC input power and with its integral 10 MHz reference allows a poorly featured L-Band Modem or Modulator the ability to drive a Block Up Converter.
The maximum current load with this Bias Tee is 6 amps.