LA302DC Delta Lightning Arrestor to 0-300VDC


Last updated on June 20, 2024 10:30 am


LA302DC Delta Lightning Arrestor Surge Protection to 0-300VDC

Delta lightning arrestors have a maximum current rating of 60,000 amps and 2,000 joules per line. Response time is 25 ns to clamp 50,000 amps. Mounts easily in a 1/2″ knockout.

Install the DC version for surge protection on wires coming from a PV array, DC wind generator or DC hydroelectric turbine. Use the 600VDC unit for high-voltage grid-tie PV arrays. Lightning protection can be installed in a combiner box, DC load center or grid-tie inverter.

The AC versions can be mounted in your AC load center to protect 120/240 VAC equipment and on AC wiring running outside of the building, to generators, pumps or outbuildings. All units are waterproof.