930w Tiny Home/Cabin Starter Kit


Last updated on June 3, 2024 1:35 pm


930w Tiny Home/Cabin Starter Kit

Includes Outback Flexpower One Prewired 3500w 24v inverter 80amp controller and system monitor, roof/ground mount and 400ah 24v SLA battery bank. 

Solar array will provide approx 3.7kwhs in 5hr sun hours per day.

Battery bank provides 4.8kwhs of storage to 50% depth of discharge.

Solar array expandable to 1860w with 930w expansion kit


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Mission Solar MS310TS60 310W Module
RC Solar Low Profile Roof/Ground Mount for 3 type G Modules 37-42″ x 61-67″
MC4 Solarline 2 PV Array Output Cable 50′ #10 AWG
Midnite Solar MNPV3 Combiner Box for 3 150VDC or 600VDC breakers
LA302DC Delta Lightning Arrestor to 0-300VDC
DIN Rail 150VDC Breaker
– Amps: 20A
Waterproof Strain Relief 1/2″ thread 2 holes for PV Wire 0.2″ to 0.27″
FLEX1 VFXR3524A FM80 3500W, 24V, Pre-wired OutBack Power Inverter & 80amp Charge Controller
Centennial CB6-400 6V 400Ah L16 Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery
4/0 5′ Black Battery Inverter Cable 2 lugs
4/0 5′ Red Battery Inverter Cable 2 lugs
4/0 AWG 8″ Black Battery Interconnect Cable 2 lugs