885W Off Grid Solar Electric System with Top of Pole Mount (price includes shipp


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885W Off Grid Solar Electric System (with Top of Pole Mount)
This system is used by one of our customers who uses it to power two circuits in his home in the event of a blackout. It can be used equally well as an off grid system for an off grid home or cabin.
The system starts with the solar panels wired in two series strings on the pole mount to the combiner box mounted to the side of the pole. The combiner box is then wired to the Midnite Solar E-panel which houses all the necessary breakers and disconnects. The E-panel provides a mount for the Outback VFX3648 Inverter and the Outback Flexmax MPPT charge controller. The E-panel has all the necessary adaptors to contain wiring to and from the inverter making a very neat and easy installation.
The output of this system varies depending upon where you live and what time of the year it is.  Expect more ouput in the summer (highest output period) and less in the winter (lowest output period).
Products Included:
4 x Canadian Solar CS6K-295M 295w Solar Panels
1 x GS Pole Top Mount for 4 x 295w Solar Panels
1 x Outback VFX3648 Off Grid Inverter Charger, 3600 Watt, 48 Volts 120 VAC/60 Hz Vented
1 x OutBack FLEXmax 60, FM60, MPPT Charge Controller, 60 amp, 12, 24, 36, 48, or 60 Volt
1 x OutBack Power MATE Surface Mount Digital Display and System Control
1 x Outback RTS Remote Battery Temperature Sensor
2 x DIN Rail 150VDC Breaker  10A
1 x Midnite Solar MNPV3 Combiner Box for 3 150VDC or 600VDC breakers
1 x DC Ground Fault Protection Circuit Breaker 63 Amp 150 VDC
1 x LA302DC Delta Lightning Arrestor to 0-300VDC
1 x Midnite Solar MNE-175AL-PLUS White Aluminum Outback Power Panel 175A INVERTER BREAKER w/ charge controller mount
6 x Grounding Lugs with Set Screws
1 x DIN Rail 150VDC Breaker  60A
1 x DIN Rail 150VDC Breaker  20A
2 x MC4 15 foot Array Output Cables
Items not included:
4 inch scedule 40 or 80 pole for mount. (Source locally at steel supply)
Wiring between combiner box and E-panel (Size dependant on distance)
Grounding wire (usually bare #6 copper stranded)
Batteries, battery interconnects and inverter cables (Batteries available here and cables available here)
Conduit and conduit fittings. ( Source locally at most hardware stores)
Please call to speak to a sales representative to learn about other options which may be available.

Shipping details: Most products take 10-14 days to be delivered. Batteries, module and mounting systems may be shipped by truck freight and usually take 1-2 weeks to be delivered.

NOTE: Always consult a licensed electrician before installing your electrical components.