3825W Outback Flexpower Off-Grid Pre-Designed Solar Electric System


Last updated on July 6, 2024 6:27 am


3825W Outback Flexpower Off-Grid Pre-Designed Solar System for 48V Battery Bank

This expandable 3825 watt off-grid system has a pre-wired power center that makes it easy to install. The OutBack Flexpower is pre-wired with all of the essential protective devices in the smallest possible space at the lowest installed cost making it ideal for applications with modest power requirements such as cabins, weekend get-a-way homes, and remote communication sites as well as back-up power systems homes. Utilizing an extremely compact design and an easy-to-install mounting bracket, the fully pre-wired and tested Flexpower ONE System is engineered for a quick installation, saving both time and money. The pre-wired power center comes with an OutBack charge controller already mounted. OutBack charge controllers have maximum power point tracking with an efficient, safe, multi-stage recharging process that prolongs battery life and assures peak performance from the 3825 Watt solar array.

Flexpower by Outback includes a single AC inverter, AC and DC wiring boxes, a single Flexmax battery charge controller, MATE monitor, HUB, Flexnet DC and lighting surge protector. All this wrapped up in a 3825 watt off-grid kit with a small power center footprint. The Flexpower System is also equipped with battery and breakers, a GFDI breaker, an input-output-bypass assembly, mounting locations for both AC GFCI Type B and EU Type F style outlets and additional AC breakers.

This expandable system has 25 year guaranteed UL listed solar panels, UL listed combiner box and we supply all the connectors from the panel to the box. You supply the conduit and wire from the box to the power center which is indoor rated. The 3825 watt off grid system is the only choice when you need a fully integrated off-grid system with pure sine wave inverter all pre-wired ready for you to add your own rack or select one of ours. With this pre-wired system you can save yourself thousands of dollars over the cost of hiring a contractor to install your system.


What’s included:

  • 15 – 255 Watt Solar Panels (Canadian Solar)
  • 1 – Outback FlexPower One FP1-1 Power Center Fully Assembled
  • Prewired AC and DC boxes with 120VAC Bypass and Type B Outlet
  • 250ADC breaker GFDI
  • 80 amp Power Center breaker
  • Outback VFX3648 Inverter
  • Remote Temperature Sensor
  • Outback Flexmax 80 Charge Controller
  • Flexnet DC and surge protector for 120V 60Hz applications.
  • MidNite MNPV-8, 8 Position Combiner Box w/Breakers
  • 5-10 AWG – 50′ Cable Extension (PV wire from panels to combiner)
  • 2 – 2/0 – 96″ Battery Cable, Dual Kit (1 red, 1 black)